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Beauty by Reyna is a family business! Where you will always be greeted with hello’s, how are you’s and everlasting “See you laters’! Neli, Yaira, Rosy and Julie take pride in working at Beauty by Reyna, and are all very unique in their own way in assisting Neli (the head hair stylist). Neli is the mother of Yaira, Rosy and Julie. Neli was born and raised in the beautiful island of Dominican Republic! As a young lady Neli started doing hair with her friends and family, when at that moment it was something fun to do and shortly became a hobbie. After having her children (Yaira & Rosy) Neli moved to Miami and gave birth to her youngest daughter, Julie. As her daughters became older and working young ladies Neli had to sort to other alternatives to doing their hair, this is where she really found her passion in doing hair. Neli would perm, color and cut her daughters hairs. One day as Neli is driving around town in Broward FL, she coincidently ran into a beauty school. Now weather that was a sign or not this is where it all really began. Neli graduated beauty school in 2001 and started her journey as a Hair Stylist. Neli worked for several major beauty salons and couldn’t be happier doing what she loved. Just like the day she was running errands and ran into the beauty school, she one day ran into a salon that was up for sale. In 2010 she decided to buy that exact beauty salon! Now Neli and her daughters work all together! The trio sisters are very close and that shines through as you see them work together! Since the beginning of our journey here we have always made an effort to put on our working shoes and make the salon a home for us as a family and for you, as our client!  Beauty by Reyna is our home and we invite you with open arms!